Monday, January 31, 2011

Compassion's Holistic Approach to Child Development

Compassion International believes in focusing on the whole child and every developmental aspect of the child's life: social, educational, spiritual, environmental, health and economic.  It was easy to see this approach at work when we visited the homes and child development centers in Mexico City.


A doctor from the community volunteers his time to care for the
 children's medical needs

Each child at the project has his own toothbrush. For many this is the only
place they have to brush their teeth

Compassion Motto: "Releasing Children from Poverty in Jesus' Name"

When flooding destroyed many of this family's belongings,
 Compassion helped replace them

Children receive a hot, nutritious meal when they come to the project.



Often children living in poverty also live with the effects of a polluted environment. 
Here, children draw a picture depicting the causes and effects of pollution.

Sponsored kids LOVE corresponding with their sponsors.  The letters they receive are treasured. Here, kids are holding up flags representing the nation where their sponsor is from.

Kids living in poverty are often stigmatized and rejected by their peers.  
Others may join gangs or turn to drugs, alcohol, or other unhealthy
behaviors for acceptance. Teens in the Compassion program are accepted by
their friends and teachers at the project and taught about their true identity in
Christ as children of God.

Compassion has started Futbol (soccer) teams at program sites 
across Mexico. The teams have uniforms and travel to compete against other
Compassion teams. They are getting ready for the finals!

 Kids at this project site learn computing skills in a computer lab donated by an area business.

Detailed information is kept about each child.  Each folder here 
represents one of the children in this program.  One area that is tracked is
the child's progress in school.  


Compassion realizes that without Jesus, the hope they 
offer children living in poverty would be incomplete.  This 
little girl is singing during the praise and worship time offered
each day at the program.

These kids are learning about the Holy Communion.


 Bible study time!  Today this class is reading from the book of Mark.


  1. I Agree ........Wellness Coaching is the newest way to make the hard work of being healthy, easy.

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